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We built this so you can play

Infrared5’s team leads development of the open source Red5 media server. Now we offer mobile and modern browser support with Red5 Pro, which includes streaming SDKs and a fully scalable version of the server. Our tools empower developers to easily and seamlessly integrate audio, video, and data streaming into their own apps and build unique second screen experiences.

If you're trying to create something ground-breaking, that stretches the limits of live streaming technology — we are here to help you. Together, yeah, we can build that.

Yeah, We can build that.®

We specialize in:

  • Red5
  • Red5 Pro
  • Live Streaming
    • (RTMP, RTSP, HLS, WebRTC)
  • Second Screen Experiences
  • Mobile SDKs
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Unity


Infrared5 showed a deep understanding of the general application, the architectural requirements and how to apply good design. The project resulted in a very solid platform product…users are very pleased with how natural and yet powerful the application is to use…a winning combination!

- John Dwinell, VP of Emerging Technologies, SICK

We were impressed with the iOS developers at Infrared5 and their skills, and found the team to be great to work with throughout our project.

- Ashley Streb, VP Technology, Brightcove

Beyond their extraordinary aesthetic, the group's deep level of technical expertise ensures both thoughtful and thorough solutions. SmartKage presents substantial project complexity IR5's principals manage the unexpected with grace, solve with innovation, and remain dedicated colleagues. Rebecca Smith Allen and Dominick Accattato have built—and lead—a true, best in class organization.

- Corrine Vitolo, CEO, SmartSports

Infrared5 impressed me by doing work that I was told by experts could not be done. When I was at Mediatile we needed a solution that didn't exist: a Video Conferencing Switch. I was told by senior engineers at Cisco, Verizon and Alcatel Lucent it was impossible. Infrared5 delivered it, on time, on budget and supported us through the testing. I am personally and professionally impressed with the work and Rebecca Allen's leadership.

- Roger Sanford, CMO, Apptricity

As part of developing a streaming mobile app for one of our clients, we've tested many technological solutions, and Red5 Pro has become the best choice: quality and performance of their technology, responsiveness and professionalism of their team. In short, we are very satisfied with this collaboration and it is our intention to continue with Red5 Pro on other projects.

- Thierry Demars, Founder and CTO, My Lucky Day


CHRIS ALLEN || CEO and President

REBECCA ALLEN || COO and Creative Director

Rebecca's vision is what drives us forward as a brand and business, and it's also what makes our projects visually and experientially elegant. Above all else, she's dedicated to creating the kind of company where people love to work so they can create work that people love. As COO, she tackles our biggest challenges, makes the tough decisions, and keeps us going and growing. Rebecca's background is as a creative director where she designed intuitive user interfaces, weighty identities, and brands that resonate. An entrepreneur and executive for the last fourteen years, Rebecca's past includes working on brands such as Timberland, T.J.Maxx and HomeGoods. "Everyone at Infrared5 works together to create their best work every day," she says. "It's the company of our dreams by design."


An integrations expert, Dominick specializes in both client-side and server-side development. He's responsible for combining all the various technologies Infrared5 works in and making sure the end product is unique, well-crafted and appropriately serves the needs of the client. Put simply, he's the guy who tackles our biggest technical challenges — and he's the one with the perfectionist temperament to solve them. Dominick also drives software strategy at Infrared5, ensuring the things we build work across platforms, browsers and hardware. "From my perspective, the best thing about Infrared5 is the team that we've assembled," he says."We really have the best of the best, and I'm proud to be able to lead this kind of a team."

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Infrared5 is looking for an experienced Developer Evangelist to join our team to help grow our new product Red5 Pro. The Developer Evangelist would help create exciting examples and presentations around the product to engage the Development Community in the value of the product. Infrared5 sees a future where the majority of mobile apps will include some form of live streaming.


  • Present/Train for Red5 Pro Technology
  • Host/Participate in Hack-a-thons for Red5 Pro Technology
  • Create Blog Content on Red5 Pro
  • Write and Organize Sample Code / Tutorials
  • Organize and Manage Local Developer Events
  • Collect Developer Feedback
  • Work with User Groups to ensure they get adequate support


  • Requires a Strong Understanding of Live Streaming, Media Server Development with at least expertise in two of the following: WebRTC, Red5, iOS and Android development
  • Public Speaking Experience
  • Strong Technical Writing Skills
  • Previous Technical Community Involvement (including OpenSource contributions)
  • Willingness to Travel

If interested, please send a resume, your GitHub profile, writing examples (tutorials or blog posts), videos of you presenting and references to .